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Audio Gallery Reviews

Some letters, and comments on warranty cards, about the original version of Audio Gallery, on file at FairBrothers, Inc. - Arlington, Virginia:


"Overall, this is very well done. I'm amazed at how fast I am learning."

"Enclosed is the demo disk I ordered several weeks ago. I would now like to order the whole German Disk Set. I am very impressed with the quality of the graphics of this program and am excited about receiving the entire program."

"Interesting and Educational."

"Love it. Will be used in conjunction with (audio) course being offered on compact disk."

"I am very impressed with the use of digitized speech of native speakers that is used in your software."

"Wowee! The Spanish Audio Gallery Demo Disk is wonderful. Words can't describe how pleased we were with the sample. What a great great learning tool. Please let us know when you have available Spanish Audio Gallery #2...Thanks again for such a wonderful product. You have a winner on your hands."

"The Spanish program looks like it is going to be a lot of fun to learn."

"...the word SPECTACULAR is an understatement. The concept is fantastic, the clarity of speech is wonderful and I was struck by the amount of vocabulary I learned. I intend to spread the word about your program to every educator I meet. Thank you for this wonderful program."

"Fantastic; Fascinating way to learn."

"We searched for a good Spanish program. This is the first - much liked."

"I ordered your Spanish Demo Disk and was very impressed with its method and content."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the demo and plan to integrate the program into our home school curriculum."


"A truly original idea is a rare thing ... FairBrothers, Inc. in the US has apparently achieved the impossible by releasing a product that stands alone in the market, offering the answer to a question that's hitherto been ignored ... the mastering of a foreign language. If you happen to be in the market, Audio Gallery could be the perfect solution. The software is designed to provide a complete library of everyday words in a whole range of languages. All in all it's a good package and ideal for teaching children could become the perfect learning tool for all ages." Amiga Computing

"Audio Gallery Japanese is aimed at elementary-level linguists and can form a useful aid to other learning systems, or can be used as a stand-alone product...a useful educational tool which teaches by rote. The sampled speech provides a unique guide to pronunciation essential tool." CU Amiga

"The program makes use of the Amiga's excellent sound capabilities and provides digitized voices of native speakers - a most expedient way to learn a foreign language ... Simply point and click on a number, and the digitized voice of a German speaker pronounces the name of the object selected .,.the program provides specific lessons on the correct pronunciation of German consonants and vowels...Audio Gallery's greatest strength lies in its ability to reproduce what a word sounds like when properly pronounced by a native speaker of the language. The program excels in this regard, because the digitized speaker is always clear and easy to understand. The quizzes available on each topic serve to enhance familiarity with the terms ... Serves admirably as an accessory learning tool." Amiga World

"I always hated the Language Lab. Listening to tape was tedious, boring and required endless rewinding.-The best thing about Audio Gallery is that it doesn't require any rewinding... unlike a human teacher, it never gets tired ...At the heart of Audio Gallery is crystal-clear digitized speech. Fairbrothers has employed native speakers with perfect diction and digitized each word with precision.. .11 you're just starting to learn a foreign language, the Audio Gallery series is indispensable as a learning tool ...if you're planning a trip abroad, a good phrasebook and the appropriate Audio Gallery title will give you everything you need to know to survive in the language. I highly recommend the whole series." .info magazine


"Good tutorial and pronunciation." Sunnyvale, CA

"Excellent overall, good vocabulary, good sound quality ... Some of the best language products I've used. Please continue to author more languages and make advanced level courses." Westminster, CA

"It is a helpful tool. " Leavenworth, WA

"I received your program yesterday, and I must tell you that I am very pleased with it." Southhampton, Bermuda

"Several language teachers I have shown my software to think it's great." Bloomington, IN

"Its extensive scope and visual orientation ... It is really more than just a dictionary. I would have bought this much sooner had I known how in depth it is. As a Foreign Language teacher, I really appreciate it. This is a very high quality product! It is one of the first FL programs to use current FL methods." Ankeny, IA

"It has good, clear sound samples" Memphis, TN

"I like the digitized voices." Langley AFB, VA

"Good learning tool." Ipan, Guam

"It's easy to learn." Los Angeles, CA

"Audio Gallery really impressed me. I used to teach high school and community college German. It really amazes me that the Amiga community has taken so long to develop a serious language program. I definitely like the sound of the native speakers ... excellent High German ...I sat my 12-year-old daughter down in front of the demo and in a few minutes she tested at 78%. After a few more drills she tried again and got 87%. That really got me excited about the program ... The use of oral and aural concepts was pedagogically superior." Valley City, ND

"A great product - easy to use." Richland, WA

"Clarity, authenticity, simplicity of use...Excellent training aid." Goombungee, QLD, Australia

Audio Gallery Price: $12.95

Audio Gallery is great for travelers, tourists, students, or anyone who seeks to attain the basic vocabulary of a foreign language. There are 20 general topics such as Weather, Transportation, Restaurant, etc. Included are an additional 6-12 Basic topics, such as Alphabet, Colors, Greetings, Numbers, etc.