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Categories: Educational. Legal
Ages: 8-Adult
Our Price: $29.95
Publisher: FairBrothers
Format: Diskettes

Prosecute or Defend the Accused. Choose a Conservative or Liberal Judge. Pick Witnesses. Evaluate Testimony. Convince the Jury.


Courtroom is a game of legal affairs, helps you to develop logical and critical thinking. Win the case by evaluating testimony, objecting to hearsay and other inadmissable evidence. Convince a majority of the jury to win the case.
Version 1.0
AMIGA Requirements:

512 KB RAM, AmigaDOS 1.3.

PC Requirements:

386SX or better; 4 MB RAM; DOS 3.1 or later; WIN 3.1 or later; MPC-compliant CD-ROM drive; MS CD-ROM extensions 2.2 or later; VGA display (640x480, with 256 colors); Mouse.

Requirements are the same for all versions.

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