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Important - Please select computer platform:
Amiga PC

Courtroom $29.95
Courtroom Page

Audio Gallery:
Audio Gallery Chinese $14.95
Audio Gallery Japanese $14.95
Audio Gallery Korean $14.95
Audio Gallery Russian $14.95

Audio Gallery French $9.95
Audio Gallery German $9.95
Audio Gallery Italian $9.95
Audio Gallery Portuguese $9.95
Audio Gallery Spanish $9.95

Audio Gallery English - for Japanese/Chinese Speakers $14.95
Audio Gallery English - for Russian Speakers $14.95
Audio Gallery English - for French/German/Spanish Speakers $9.95

Media Type - Please select media type for Audio Gallery (default is "CD"):
3 1-2 Diskettes CD

Audio Gallery Page

Digital Orchestra:

Digital Orchestra Disks - $3.95 each, 5 or more $2.95 each, 10 or more $1.95 each. Complete Set - SA01 thru SA80 - $89.95
Digital Orchestra Disks
Digital Orchestra Disks
Digital Orchestra Disks
Digital Orchestra CD (SA01-SA19, SA31-40) $29.95
Digital Orchestra Page

Shipping Charges

       Ground:         Add 5% to order - minimum $5.
       2nd-Day Air:    $8
       Overnight:      $12
       COD:            Add $4 to order.
   Canada, Mexico (Air Parcel Post) - $8. 2nd item $6. Digital Orchestra - 10 or
      fewer disks, 10$. Add $.50@ each additional Digital Orchestra disk.
   Rest of World (Air Parcel Post) - $12. 2nd item $8. Digital Orchestra - 10
      or fewer disks, 12$. Add $.60@ each additional Digital Orchestra disk.
Global Priority Mail - $7

      England, Germany, Australia (and most other countries - Western Europe,
      North & South America, Pacific Rim, Middle East) - Audio Gallery 
      shipping charges  only $7  (shipping by air, delivery in 1-3 days).
      The Overseas Version does not include the cardboard box. You get everything
      else but the box - software (CD or Diskettes), setup instructions, and the 
      Grammar or Language manual from Passport Books, Dover, Hugo or Fairbrothers. 


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